• Imagine if the next breakthrough in artificial intelligence came from the root of intelligence itself: the human brain.

  • Imagine if artificial intelligence was socially and emotionally intelligent enough to empower everyone to flourish—from individuals to societies.

  • Imagine if machine learning could revolutionize disease detection, prevention and treatment.

  • Imagine if we could build a machine that grows into intelligence the way a person does—that starts like a baby and learns like a child.

  • Imagine the insights and societal benefits we could derive from the aggregation of data across organizations. Now imagine we could do this while respecting privacy concerns.

Forging connections between human and machine intelligence research, its applications, and its bearing on society.

The MIT Quest of Intelligence is advancing the science and engineering of human and machine intelligence. We seek to discover the foundations of human intelligence and drive the development of technological tools that can positively influence society. The Institute’s culture of collaboration will encourage life scientists, computer scientists, social scientists, and engineers to join forces to investigate the societal implications of their work as they pursue hard problems beyond the current horizon of intelligence research.


The Quest Core is an effort to advance the science and engineering of intelligence—both human and machine. Key outputs of The Core include machine-learning algorithms inspired by breakthroughs in cognitive science and neuroscience, and a better understanding of human intelligence using insights from computer science.


The goal of the Quest Bridge is to drive discovery with the latest AI technology. The Bridge will offer researchers at MIT and beyond AI tools, platforms, and infrastructure, including AI education tools, rich and unique data sets, technical support, and specialized software and hardware.