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Past Events

  • Natural Language Processing for All

    Date: Friday, June 4 | 12pm - 1pm EST
    Location: Webinar
    MIT Quest AI Roundtable: Nearly 7,000 languages are spoken in the world today, but fewer than two dozen have the massive training data required to build AI applications like language and speech-to-text translation. The problem is compounded by a shortage of computing resources in much of the world. This panel will explore ways of making natural language processing more efficient, interpretable, and linguistically informed, to reach speakers of all languages.
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    Frontiers of AI/ML

    Date: May 25 & May 27 | 11am - 1pm
    Location: Webinar
    Businesses are integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into every facet of their work, but we’re far from realizing their potential. An understanding of what’s possible, and what’s still over the horizon, is essential to understanding how businesses can maximize the value of AI and ML.
  • AI for Social Good

    Date: May 10 | 12pm - 1pm EST
    Location: Webinar
    MIT Quest AI Roundtable: AI has the potential to address longstanding societal problems, from economic inequality to unequal access to healthcare, but it could also widen these divisions without deliberate steps to mitigate AI’s potential negative effects. We will discuss ideas for harnessing AI for the benefit of all. Speakers: Fotini Christia (MIT); Stacy Hobson (IBM); Moderator: Aude Oliva.