Workshop on Deep Generative Modeling

Workshop on Deep Generative ModelingDate: 05/31/2019

9 am-7 pm
Singleton Auditorium, Building 46, MIT

GANocracy: A Workshop on the Theory, Practice and Artistry of Deep Generative Modeling

Once an obscure machine learning technique, generative adversarial networks, or GANs, are now everywhere. By pitting one neural network against another, GANs can create images and sounds convincing enough to fool the human eye and ear. GANs have made computer graphics come alive and given artists new tools for expression. The synthetic data produced by GANs are helping researchers fill in the gaps in streams of data to create more realistic simulations and make better predictions. GANs may also hold potential for protecting the anonymity of personal data and testing AI models for bias. But as GANs grow in popularity, so have concerns about their misuse.

This workshop and tutorial will focus on the promise of GANs: how we can exploit their benefits while minimizing their potential harm. Topics will include the nuts and bolts of generative models, their applications, generative art, and the science and theory of GANs. We will also discuss technical solutions like “GANtidotes” to detect and protect against dangerous uses.