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MIT Quest Corporate

MIT Quest Corporate is a community of scientists from MIT and industry committed to developing next-generation artificial intelligence tools to solve urgent problems facing business, society, and the environment. We are experimenting with ways to transition from AI that performs specialized tasks at super-human levels to more generalized systems that are flexible, fair and transparent. We fund promising ideas that we think can be implemented at scale and create positive and lasting improvements in people’s lives.

Connect with us

We offer three tiers of engagement based on your company’s level of financial commitment.


An overview of emerging trends, technologies and talent

Exposure to a broad range of faculty and AI projects

  • Participation in MIT Quest seminars, symposia, workshops and networking events
  • Opportunity to bring on students in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science for fall, spring and summer internships
  • Exposure to and engagement with select Quest researchers via private events
  • Previews of Quest research and tools in emerging fields of AI and ML
  • Discussions with MIT researchers to explore future collaborations


Multiply the impact of Discovery membership with targeted research

Access to faculty and students to address a specific need

  • Opportunity to develop a set of research projects with MIT Quest researchers
  • Option to direct a portion of annual contribution to fellowships for MIT graduate students and postdocs
  • Early access to MIT Quest researchers on emerging topics in AI
  • Option to fund development in areas of Applied intelligence and software engineering


Magnify exploratory membership with research that can transform your industry

Broad access to faculty, students and state-of-the- art research

  • Propose joint projects that push the boundaries of natural and machine intelligence and solve business needs
  • Early access to MIT Quest research results, platforms and tools
  • Option for one corporate researcher to join MIT as a scientist-in-residence
  • Option to fund one or more researchers to work on a research project with transformational potential

To learn more, please contact: Erik Vogan, Executive Director, MIT Quest for Intelligence (617) 512-8121